Upscaling Your Bathroom.

A room often overlooked or a last-minute consideration where you decide to just tile the entire thing floor to ceiling, a bathroom can be seen as a necessity rather than a place of privacy and peace and quiet.

The average person spends 30- 45 minutes in the bathroom per day. Come to think of it, you probably spend more time there than you do in the spare bedroom that took far longer to decorate and plan. Bathrooms are where you begin your day, prepare, and get ready with a fresh start as well as an oasis of relaxation when you return from work after a stressful day. It is the one place where you are gifted privacy for a small amount of time (unless you have a toddler) each day.

We have outlined a few tips on creating a tranquil bathroom to ensure that every minute in there, is a minute well spent.

1. Laminate Flooring:

The first thought is always tiles. Their geometric consistencies have graced the walls and floors of bathrooms for decades. now we see the use of them changing in shape and materials adding a whole new perspective to the ever so loyal bathroom tile. There is however a new kid on the block a waterproof laminate flooring. Now I know the first thing that comes to mind is “It can’t be! What about swelling? Or will it warp over time?” Well it is indeed a new offering to moisture rich bathrooms, now adding a feeling of warmth to the once cold bathroom floor and allows you to carry your laminate flooring throughout the home.

Impressive laminate by Quick Step contains Hydro-seal to all the joins and is considered the most waterproof laminate floor on the market. The completely sealed surface, including the bevels and   V-Grooves allows you to use this floor in rooms where water is present. An oak floor in a bathroom looks natural and adds texture and the soft feel underfoot that laminate provides.

Waterproof Impressive Laminate Flooring

2. Window Coverings

Window treatments in bathrooms should fall into the décor category. Although used for privacy and light control they are one element that can be used to lift the bathrooms design, adding softness to the very often cold interior of porcelain and Carbon Steele. Now your first thought may be to simply sand blast the window for privacy to cut costs but why not opt for a traditional shutter and add a feature to the space. 

Luxaflex Polyresin Shutters are custom made for any opening and manufactured in polyresin, making them 100% waterproof. If you are still not sure, the 20-year warrantee against swelling and warping might sway you.

The bathroom is the one place shutters absolutely shine in. the simplicity in the horizontal blades in a satin white finish beckons a feeling of cleanliness and freshness, all whilst the multiple frame options finish the window off like the shutters were built with the house. One of the pros being that most bathroom windows are small, so the cost of the shutter will not break the bank.

Luxaflex Polyresin Shutter

3. Lighting:

Ambiance is key to a tranquil space. Warm white lighting is better than the cold blue halogen bulb. You can however control the lighting during the day. Light filtering blinds cut glare and reduce the harshness of direct sunlight shining into the windows. Luxaflex Duette honeycomb blinds do this very well. their Uni Duo Tone range of fabrics in different colours, filter light softly and create a calming atmosphere. White fabrics create a gentle glow that can turn even a dull day into a warm alternative.

Luxaflex Duette Blinds

A few extra options that can be added to a bathroom are having plants or succulents, a beautifully scented diffuser and fluffy cotton towels. Why not give this small space each home has a little love, making it an enjoyable space you look forward to spending time in?