Roller Blind Screens

This contemporary window covering can be featured throughout your home yet each room can be treated differently. Whether wanting blockout, UV protection while still enjoying your view or a patterned feature to brighten up a room, these sleek blinds are a favourite.



Needing to protect your solid wooden floor or furniture from the hot sun does not mean you need to completely block your view and light. Roller Blind Screens with woven textile looking fabrics are the perfect solution to UV and light control, without having to darken a room. because they come in a variety of openness percentages, you can choose how much you want to be able to see through the fabric all while know your furniture and floors are being protected.

While allowing natural sunlight to filter through the blind, the glare is cut, softening the light.

Comes in different colours and fabrics

Can be motorised

Insulation and UV Protection



UV Protection Screens

Each Luxaflex roller blind screen fabric is highly durable and have different levels of daytime privacy and UV control. The textile looks of the screens are economic and light weight available in a range of colours. Types of fabrics play a role in UV protection with some comprising of PVC- Coated fibreglass fabric.

Fabrics at a glance

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These images are digital representations and may vary from the actual fabrics.