Pergola Fabric Awnings

Shade cover for patios built onto a pergola structure.

Pergola fabric awning restaurant
Awnings & screens

Pergola Awnings

Pergolas are an outdoor feature but now can be covered for sun protection, creating a shaded entertainment area when needed. Fully retractable, you can decided on the amount of shade cover you need.

Some Pergola awnings allow you to add a cover to and existing pergola, while other s build the entire structure. The fabric choices come in endless colours and textures to suit your home, creating the perfect outdoor oasis.

Water resistant

Custom made to measure

Colour fast and tear resistant

Exterior Installation

Pergola Fabric Roof
Awnings & screens


Pergola Awnings can be used in residential and commercial settings and come in both motorised or manual options. They are custom made to fit any area and are one of the most effective ways to created shade and protection from the sun, while still adding an element of style. Once retracted, the fabric folds onto itself and neatly stacks to one side and when closed the fabric rolls out into a solid fabric roof.