Hardwood Flooring

A timeless investment that ages beautifully over time

hardwood flooring

Hardwood Flooring

Engineered wooden flooring is resilient and long lasting. As time goes by, the wood begins to age changing in colour and texture. No plank ever looks the same and there are variations where you can decide whether you would like to see rustic knots or have a more even grain.

With many wood stains available it is easy to colour match your flooring to your furniture or a specific colour palette.

Easy to clean


Interior use

Can be sanded

hardwood flooring fireplace

Hardwood Benefits

Nothing beats the look of a hardwood floor. The natural textures and colour variations create character and every plank is unique. It is much easier to get the look you want with the large variety of wood stains and finishes and if you want to change the colour, the floor can be sanded down to its natural colour. Hardwood flooring is a natural insulator, keeping the floors warm and cozy in comparison to tiles and screed flooring. Easy to clean and maintain, hardwood floors are an investment for a lifetime.

Wood types at a glance

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