Awnings and Screens

Stylish roll down awnings that cut glare and protect from harsh UV rays

Luxaflex ultimate screens

Luxaflex® Ultimate Screens

Available in a motorised option only these awnings come in a variety of sun protection screen fabrics, ensuring you do not lose your view but still maintain ultimate UV protection. These fabrics are colour-fast, tear, rot and heat-resistant.

Luxaflex® Ultimate Screen offers a high-performance solution and is engineered for ease of installation not to mention its durability. Built to withstand the elements, Luxaflex® Ultimate Screens are a perfect choice to cover patios.

Pergola fabric awning restaurant

Pergola Fabric Awnings

Pergolas are an outdoor feature but now can be covered for sun protection, creating a shaded entertainment area when needed. Fully retractable, you can decide on the amount of shade cover you need.

Some Pergola awnings allow you to add a cover to an existing pergola, while others build the entire structure. The fabric choices come in endless colours and textures to suit your home, creating the perfect outdoor oasis.


Fold Arm Awnings

Fold Arm awnings are a temporary solution used to create shade for your outdoor living space while adding to the aesthetic appeal of your home. When no longer needed, Fold Arm Awnings neatly retract into a cassette that protects the canvas fabric. it’s almost as though there was never a patio covering there.

Perfect for areas where constant cover is only needed at specific times of the day or when you are entertaining.

adjustable awnings

Adjustable Awnings

This adjustable louvre awning creates an outdoor covering that is multifunctional. Not only can the louvres be adjusted to the desired angle for sun protection, they can be completely closed to ensure full shade coverage and some protection from the weather.

Highly durable, these awnings are an extension of your home and act as a solid roof for your patio when needed. Made from aluminium and powder coated, they will not rust and corrode exposed to the elements.


Drop Arm Awnings

Drop Arm Awnings are the perfect solution for windows and doors where direct sun causes glare and heat. Moved and set at angles using aluminium arms, you can determine where you would like to stop the awning depending on the direction of the sun.

classic cover awnings

Classic Cover Awnings

Traditional window and door coverings serve as weather protection for rainy days and keep your home cool in summer. Available in a range of different colours and shapes to suit your design requirements.

Classic aluminium-coated Hunter Douglas awnings come with a unique Luxacoat finish that protects against fading and corrosion.

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