Fold Arm Awnings

Shade when needed and neatly folded away when not in use.

Fold Arm awning
Awnings & screens

Fold Arm Awnings

Fold Arm awnings are a temporary solution used to create shade for your outdoor living space while adding to the aesthetic appeal of you home. When no longer needed, Fold Arm Awnings neatly retract into a cassette that protect the canvas fabric. it almost as though there was never a patio covering there.

Perfect for areas where constant cover is only needed at specific times of the day or when you are entertaining.

Water resistant

Custom made to measure

Can be mortised

Exterior Installation

fold arm awning apartment balcony
Awnings & screens


Fold arms awnings can be manually operated with a crank handle or motorised. When motorised a wind sensor can be added to ensure that the awning retracts when it becomes too windy so that no damage occurs