Translucent Roller Blinds

This contemporary window covering can be featured throughout your home yet each room can be treated differently. Whether wanting blockout, UV protection while still enjoying your view or a patterned feature to brighten up a room, these sleek blinds are a favourite.



Translucent Roller Blinds allow natural light to filter through the fabric. There are a variety of different transparencies from being able to see colour and some detail through the fabric to just a small hue of light shining through a more solid fabric.

This blind is a great choice for privacy whilst still feeling like you are not completely closed off and in darkness. A warm glow through a translucent fabric can change the environment of a room and add to the interior features and lighting.

Comes in different colours and fabrics

Can be motorised

Insulation and UV Protection

Light filtering


Create Texture

Choosing a textured blinds, will change the fabrics look the moment light shines through it, changing the pattern or even the colour slightly. Textured translucent roller blinds add to the rooms overall design and create a focal point in the room. Be sure to hold up the fabrics and see how they transform with the natural sunlight filtering through them.

Fabrics at a glance

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These images are digital representations and may vary from the actual fabrics.