Tips on making your home winter-ready

As winter approaches with its tell tale signs of rain and wind, there is nothing better than coming home to the smell of hearty soups, a wood burning fire place and cozy throws to wrap yourself up with on the couch.

Home always has a welcoming warmth to it no matter the season, however, there are a few ways you can turn it into a cozy cocoon you just cannot wait to spend time in.

1. Utilise your sun spots.

On those crisp clear days where the sun is shining and you feel like you are in need of some Vitamin D. Why not place a chair in areas where the sun streams through windows and doors, curl up with a book and enjoy nature’s heater? These areas of your home will become your favorite spots that you may even want to consider making them a permanent feature with a bench seat below a north-facing window.

2. Insulating Window Coverings.

Most of your home’s heat is lost through your windows and doors making heaters and fireplaces useless at warming the room unless you are perched right in front of one. Once you have thawed from the winter weather, you receive a hefty electricity bill.

There is however a blind designed to keep the heat inside and reduce heating costs by 40%. Introducing… the Duette Architella Blind by Luxaflex. Yes, the name may seem like a mouth full but this impressive three-pocketed honeycomb-shaped blind deserves a round of applause. It acts as double glazing whilst offering a variety of operating options. So not only does it warm your home, but it looks good too!

3. Plush Carpeting.

Cold tile meet foot… Foot meet cold tile… or not. Thinking of my warm sock-less foot touching an icy cold floor is probably worse then stepping on a lego block. Unless you have underfloor heating, tiles can be your wart enemy in winter. Loose rugs or wall to wall carpeting in bedrooms where you tend to walk around barefoot are great during the colder months not to mention how great a soft plush carpet feels under foot.

4. Warm white lighting.

Try watching a movie where a group of people are stranded in the middle of the snow on top of Mount Everest in gale-force winds and not get the chills. This is the same effect that cold blue lighting seems to have. It can make a space seem clinical and cold. Warm white bulbs cast an inviting glow to a room making it seem warmer and more welcoming.

Every season has its perks and downfalls, but there is something special about home in the winter and the feeling of comfort it can provide us with.