Security Simplified.

Whether you are renovating or have just purchased the home of your dreams and have added a lick of paint or a stylish kitchen back splash tile, you will eventually need to decide on a suitable window covering. This may be not only be a choice based on aesthetics but on function as well. Security has become a must have in most homes and it can be tricky incorporating this without it looking like a fortress. So, you may opt for burglar bars with curtaining or a blind for privacy, but what if you could get both options in one? Aluminium Security shutters are beautiful and are an investment, increasing your home’s value. You are probably thinking they may come with a hefty price tag and although they are expensive, they may be in the same line as you getting burglar bars and curtains anyway, not to mention they have a lot more functionality.

Below we have listed a few attributes that make Security shutters the perfect choice:

  • Built specifically for security and manufactured from premium aluminium, Security Shutters are custom made to fit any opening. They have adjustable Louvre blades that can be angled up, down or fully closed to ensure privacy and sun protection. Each Louvre is connected by a hand rail which assists in the operation of angling the louvres to the desired position.

Shutter Hand Rail

  • With all hinged options, the shutters come with an architrave frame that helps close any gaps in uneven walls. This also finishes the opening off and adds to the shutters design.

Security Shutters Architrave Frames

  • Reinforced aluminium pins shoot out the top and the bottom of the shutter panel when locked. The shutters come with a lock on the front face of the panels. Depending on the operation chosen, the number of locks will vary.

Security Shutter Lock

  • There are multiple operation options which include hinged, bypass and bifold track systems. This helps in finding the perfect solution that will suit your windows and doors.

Shutter Solution
Shutter Bypass Track System

  • You have a choice of surface mounted tracks or recessed tracks. 
  • The shutters come in a variety of powder coated colours. This powder coating is Qualicoat approved.
  • You have an option of having the shutters internally or externally as they can handle all weather types.

External Security Shutters

Security Shutters are most definitely the most aesthetically pleasing security option available and can be added as an architectural element to your home. Who knew there was beautiful way to feel safe?