Outdoor Loving.

Nothing says its summertime more, than sitting on your patio having a braai and entertaining guests. That is of course until the wind picks up, it begins to rain, or you are having to play musical chairs avoiding the afternoon sunshine streaming onto your outdoor furniture. Why not create the ultimate outdoor living space no matter the weather with the following considerations?

  • Temporary shade cover for times when you want sun protection.
  • Permanent structures to create a braai room and an extension of your home.
  • Ways to reduce glare without compromising on your view.
  • Using your existing structures.
  • Avoiding weather damage and UV protection.

  • Temporary shade cover. There is a way to create shade when you need it with fold arm awnings. These retractable canvas awnings are perfect for areas where shade cover is only needed at specific times of the day or when entertaining guests. When no longer needed they neatly retract into a cassette that protects the canvas fabric. It is almost as if a patio covering was never there.

Retractable Fold Arm Awnings

  • Permanent Structures. Utilizing the patio as both an outdoor living space and an extra room is the best solution for colder days. Using shutters to enclose the patio gives you the versatility of a completely closed off room, to angling the louvres to see the view or reduce glare as well as fully opening them when not needed. They can also double up as security.

Security Shutters

  • Adjustable awnings are permanent multifunctional structures. Not only can the louvres be adjusted to the desired angle for sun protection, but they can also be completely closed to ensure full shade coverage and some protection from the weather. Highly durable, these awnings are an extension of your home and act as a solid roof for your patio when needed. Made from aluminum and powder coated, they will not rust and corrode exposed tom the elements. The best of both worlds especially for winter moths with a braai room. You can use shutters or stackable glass doors to enclose these awnings for added protection.

  • A beautiful view can be compromised with harsh glare and sun reflecting off a swimming pool or white surfaces. At certain times in the afternoon sun glare can leave you squinting or slowly begin to bleach your furniture and floors. Luxaflex Ultimate Screens are a roll down awnings with welded zippers in a track system. The fabric allows you to see through but cuts glare and provides UV protection. These awnings have a patented design engineered to operate in windy conditions, so they not only look good on your patio but are built to perform.
Luxaflex Ultimate Screen

  • If the Granadilla or Grape vine did not turn out or took too long to grow on your pergola awning, there are other options for shade cover without having to tear the structure down that include not needing to worry about having green fingers or having to trim the creeper. Retractable canvas pergola awnings allow you to fully extend the fabric into a solid roof when you want shade and when retracted the fabric folds onto itself and neatly stacks to one side leaving the entire area open.

Retractable Pergola Awning

  • Most of the above shade cover options are motorized and come with sun, wind, or rain sensors to open and close under certain conditions. With all these functions and options, it is very possible to create an outdoor living space to be enjoyed all year round.