To flora or not to flora

Bringing nature into your home décor can create a tranquil and calm atmosphere to unwind in after a long day. Studies have shown that indoor plants boost moods, reduce stress and clean air pollutants creating a healthier environment. Nowadays a lot of décor grands make use of leaves and flowers in their designs for this very reason.

We have listed below the best way to include nature into your home interior.

1. Wallpaper:

Leafy textures or nature landscapes are a great ways to boost the feel of being outdoors when inside. Relaxing spaces such as bathrooms are perfect options for this and increase the benefit of stress free areas in your home.

Floral wallpaper

2. Sisal Flooring:

Textured carpets made from leaves feel course under foot and mimic the feeling of walking barefoot outside. These fibers also tend to smell earthy and are an ideal choice for people suffering from Asma and allergies. Sisal is available is a variety of natural colours and weaves.

Sisal carpeting

3. Blinds:

Bamboo blinds or nature printed roller blinds offer the same décor feel as wall paper would. Opting for transparent roller blinds screens can allow you to see your view of outside, once again reiteration bringing nature into your interior.

Style studio roller blinds

4. House Plants:

Not only are these the best space fillers, they are really good for your health. Don’t stop at just one plant, mix and match a few or even add a couple vases with fresh flowers to the mix. They are both beautiful and the fresh aroma will be inviting too. Adding colourful plants can enhance your chosen colour tones.

House plants

Add life to your home with one of these décor options that are sure to never go out of style. After all, nature is timeless.