5 Important things to look out for when mixing and matching window coverings:

Privacy, light control, or security. These are things that may lead you to cover your windows in suitable window coverings and how best to mix and match your blinds, whether you can opt for more than one type of covering, there are a few key décor and functional rules to follow for the best result.

1. What function does the covering need to provide?

As some windows may face certain areas where privacy is needed while others pose a security risk, mixing the correct windows treatments is key to both saving on cost and ensuring that the home still has the correct flow and design. Should you choose to use shutters for security, it already offers privacy and a burglar bar in one. If you would like to add or soften the look, curtains, roller blinds, and roman blinds are a great accompaniment.

Once you have narrowed down exactly what you are expecting from your window treatment, it will be easier to decide on the best solution and whether one or more is needed.

Ambiance Blind

2. Window Reveal Space:

For areas where two solutions are needed such as a burglar bar and Venetian blind, it is best to ensure there is enough reveal space to fit both snuggly. If there is not enough space, you would need to install one of the coverings on the face of the window opening. Some look better than others when installed on the face such as roller blinds and roman blinds. This may then change the blind type you would have chosen before.

Window Reveal Installed Roller Blinds

3. Different blinds on the same window:

If you are looking for a blinds function that no single solution can provide and you want to double up two blinds, there are certain solutions that do not work well together. For block out and privacy options, you could use two different fabric type roller blinds or a Venetian blind and a block out curtain. Below is a list of window treatments that work well together in the same opening and lend themselves to one another in design and operation.

  • Venetian Blinds and Roller Blinds
  • Roller Blinds and Curtains
  • Sheer Roller Blinds and Block Out Roman Blinds
  • Duette Blinds and Curtains
  • Shutters and Roman Blinds

Blind and Security Shutter

4. Different blinds in the same room:

Whether for cost-saving or function, you may have more than one type of window treatment in a room. If you have an open plan home, this is more prevalent as venetian blinds wok well in kitchens and are easy to clean where roller blinds soften and warm up living areas. You should never mix more than one type of window treatment per room as this effect the designs consistency and become too busy. Below is a list of window treatments that work well together in different windows in the same room:

  • Shutters and Twist Blinds
  • Shutters and Venetian Blinds
  • Roller Blinds and Venetians
  • Roller Blinds and Curtains
  • Shutters and Ambiance Blinds

Curtains and Shutters

5. Colours and Patterns:

When there is more than one window treatment it is important to keep the colour pallets consistent with one another. If you are opting for patterned roller blinds, mixed with venetians, try to find a colour in the print that matches a venetian blind sample. Mixing two types of patterns or busy blind colours can clash, become messy and look like an afterthought. Creating contrast is nice when two solid colours are brought together that match well with one another or when a pattern is mixed with a solid colour in a shade found in the same realm.

Roller Blind Prints

Sometimes it can be a bit boring to keep the same window treatment throughout your home, but with the above considerations, you can have a little fun without overdoing it and ensuring the correct designs are brought together.