Creating the perfect home office with these 4 easy steps.

Now that our work environments have changed, we are looking at our home offices in a whole new light. Finding a comfortable space where you are able to focus is key to ensuring working from home does not affect your productivity.

With these 4 easy steps you can create your perfect work space:

1. Sufficient Shading:

Bright sun, glare, and direct sunlight can force you to squint at your PC screen and could determine eye adaption problems throughout the day, resulting in headaches and fatigue. It is natural for us to always choose a space close to the window so that we don’t feel so cooped up, but without sufficient shading, it could indirectly make you feel worse.

A translucent or screen fabric blind can diffuse the amount of light, reducing its harshness without leaving you working in complete darkness. The openness of the blind in combination with colour gives a specific level of light transmission per fabric along with the ability to reduce UV and luminance in different window situations.

2. Avoiding Glare:

Seeing your reflection on your PC screen? Or perhaps the light is reflecting off that shiny new metal paperweight added to your office decor? Try turning your desk facing away from the window or source of the light. This reduces the amount of direct light on your PC screen and you will have the added benefit of looking straight out your window to the view.

3. Choose the right room to set up your office:

The choice of what room you transform into your office can make or break your comfort and productivity. try to find a permanent space instead of the temporary dining room table. Choosing one of the spare bedrooms will be less distracting than the lounge, playroom, or kitchen bar counter.

Most open plan areas such as the lounge and dining room, have larger windows and doors, increasing the amount of light and glare. If you are working in the sunroom, then chances are you do not have any window coverings to protect you from the sun and provide shade. working in a quiet bedroom or enclosed study with smaller windows and clean uncluttered space can be much more beneficial.

4. Heating and Cooling:

Smaller spaces are easier to keep warm in winter or cool down in summer. you don’t want to have skyrocketing electricity bills that even out the amount you have saved on petrol now that you are working from home. Other than heaters, fans, and air conditioning, there are insulating window coverings.

Luxaflex Duette blinds are honey-comb structured pocketed blinds that act like double glazing and form a barrier between the blind and the window. these energy-efficient blinds reduce the heating and cooling costs down substantially and diffuse light at the same time.

Working from home is an adjustment, however, now you can create your ultimate work environment excluding the chatty co-worker disrupting your thoughts, the cheap instant coffee, or having to wait at the printer. Now you can determine your day and whether pajama bottoms truly are the new workwear.