Renovating without breaking the bank.

You know that old adage of “polishing a turd”? Well that could not be more true when renovating or flipping an old or worn-down home. In instances where the home is dated but in great working condition structurally, these simple steps could completely transform it without breaking the bank when renovating. The number one thing to focus on is the details. Small, unexpected extras added to the home can make the biggest difference and make it unique in its offering. Below are a few finishes sure to catch the eye of any buyer or potential renter.

1. Paint- the ultimate cover up.

It is incredible what a lick of paint can do to a place, but most importantly, what colour is the most complimentary for the space. Whilst renovating, paint the entire interior of the home the same colour. Not only will this look best, but it will save you money so that you do not have any wasted paint by using different colours and as a result, you can buy bulk tins which will reduce the cost.

To begin with, paint does not only extend to the walls. Brightening up skirting or cornices in a stark white can make them look brand new. Even old wooden cupboards or kitchen cupboards can be painted a solid colour and bring those dated wood textures into the new era.

Blue Paint with stark white trimming

2. Kitchen Splash backs.

Dated kitchens tend to either have an old tile or no splash backs at all, this one element that can completely change a kitchen and add a unique design element. If there are just simple square tiles adorning the walls, you won’t need to chip them away to replace them with a new design. There are now tile vinyl adhesives which cut costs down considerably and come in a range of beautiful designs. You simply stick each square vinyl sticker over the existing tile, and it mimics the look of a real tile.

Robin Sprong Vinyl Wall Stickers

3. Handles and Ironmongery.

If there are old brown wooden doors throughout the home or the bedroom and bathroom cupboards are needing an upgrade, you don’t need to replace the entire door. Simply sand and varnish or paint the existing doors and buy a contemporary on trend door handle. The handles can transform the look of the doors from shabby to modern and have them looking like new.


4. Bathrooms – The money suckers.

Renovating bathrooms are one of the most expensive parts of home improvement. Most bathrooms will be in a major need of an upgrade in old homes. If there is a simple white or cream tile on the walls, you should keep it and just repaint any exposed plaster. Adding an aluminum tile trim in a different color as edging around the bath and shower can modernize it. This will bring in some contrast with a modern finish.

If there are old bathroom cabinets or mirrors, replace them with a large wall to wall mirror or framed mirrors.

In most cases if the baths and basins are white, they can be kept, and the taps replaced if necessary. If the floor tiles are in desperate need of an upgrade, you could consider laying a wood look linoleum flooring. It rolls out in one long sheet and is completely waterproof. Wooden flooring lifts almost any room and can add texture to minimalistic clean bathroom.

Black Tile Trims

5. Ceilings, skirtings, and cornice.

If the skirtings and cornices are just plain old looking finishes, adding a quarter round to the skirting. Polystyrene molding to the cornice can make this element larger and look fancier. Adding shape to these last touches, will not go unnoticed. There is a large variety of moldings or paneling’s that can be added to walls, which will give them dimension. This results in changing the homes interior architecture. It is quite surprising how focusing on these simple elements can transform a space from plain to exquisite!

Decorative Cornice

6. Renovating your lighting:

If the light fittings look like they belong in an episode of that 70’s show, you can remove them and replace them with a simple decorative bulb. To cut down costs, having decorative bulbs can also enhance the industrial or contemporary look.

Over kitchen breakfast bars or areas where a dining table would be placed, it is a nice extra to add decorative lighting in more than one hanging pendant light. If you choose to stick to just the decorative bulb to cut costs, try making your own design by knotting a couple cables together and have the bulbs suspended off them for a unique piece.

Decorative Filament Bulbs

6. Window Coverings.

There is nothing better than moving into a home, where you don’t have to worry about the small things like window coverings.

If a tasteful blind is chosen, it will also add to the overall renovation by being another detail that’s been thought of. A simple textured roller blind that is in a basic shade, would increase the properties value as the new tenants would probably keep them and consider it a cost saving for themselves when buying or renting the home. Roller blinds are a simple way to provide privacy and light control when needed

Roller blinds are a neat solution and add warmth to a room. Simply roll the Roller Blinds up and out of site when not needed.

Textured Roller Blinds

In most cases when flipping an old house, less is more and going for a clean-cut look is always best so that the new homeowner can add their own finishing touches. Paying attention to the small details will go a long way and polishing, sanding, or painting are your best friends when it come to covering up the uglies.