Adjustable Awnings

An aluminium structure with blades that adjust to your desired angle for light control and rain.

adjustable awnings
Awnings & screens

Adjustable Awnings

This adjustable louvre awning creates an outdoor covering that is multifunctional. Not only can the louvres be adjusted to the desired angle for sun protection, they can be completely closed to ensure full shade coverage and some protection from the weather.

Highly durable, these awnings are an extension of your home and act as a solid roof for your patio when needed. Made from aluminium and powder coated, they will not rust and corrode exposed tom the elements.

Water resistant

Custom made to measure

Colour fast and tear resistant

Exterior Installation

Patio Awning
Adjustable Awnings
Awnings & screens


Adjustable awnings can be attached to the outside wall of your home with beams as support in front or can be free standing. You are able to split the louvres in two sections that operate

independently, adding to the variety of ways you can control your level of shade. Manual operation comes with a crank handle that is rotated with in a gear system and can be removed and set aside once used to adjust the blades. A motorisation option is also available with sun and rain sensors as an extra option to ensure your patio is covered when you are not at home.

Options, we love them and it gives us the chance to decide what suits our wants and needs. Naturally, we look for options in everything, and with so many out there, it can be pretty amazing when you find a product that gives you all the options in one.

Below we have 4 reasons why AdjustableAwnings are the best option for you.

But before we delve into the amazing world of ultimate shade cover, there are a few important factors to consider when looking at having shade covering at home:

Adjustable Awnings make the act of choosing null and void. in this one solution, you can have a built-in structure with an open or closed roof. the louvers rotate back and forth, allowing you to angle the light or shut them tightly.

Adjustable Awnings

Now that we’ve covered what you be looking for in shade covering, below is a list of reasons why Adjustable Awnings should be your only option:

Sun Control:

Move with the angle of the sun by adjusting the louvers to your preferred position. If it gets too hot, completely shut them for full coverage.

Weather Permitting:

If you were wondering, Adjustable Awnings aren’t fully waterproof but they do provide enough protection for soft furnishings to be put outside.

Rain Sensor:

Motorize your awnings for ease of use and add a rain sensor. The louvers will automatically close when you are not home and it starts to rain. You will have such peace of mind that your furniture will not be damaged.

Home Investment:

Adding a covered patio with a permanent structure is similar to adding a room. Your patio can then be enjoyed all year round! It is also an added selling point should you ever wish to put your home on the market.

Enjoy summer this season the only way you should – by spending it outside.

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