5 Reasons to choose Luxaflex Duette Blinds.

Considered one of the most versatile blind options, this honeycomb structured window treatment comes with a variety of functions not to mention its aesthetic appeal. Built with a purpose, Luxaflex Duette blinds come with a number of customizable options from how they look, to how they operate, making the possibilities seem endless.

Below we have noted a few reasons why this is the ultimate window covering:


The Honeycomb structure acts as a barrier between the window and the blind, trapping the air within the blind pocket. This in turn keeps the room warm in winter and cool in summer.

The Architella fabric comes with three pockets and is considered the most insulating of all the fabric options, due to its patented honeycomb-within-a-honeycomb construction. These blinds can reduce heat transfer through a window by 87%.

Luxaflex Duette Architella

Acoustic Properties:

Although built mainly for insulation purposes, the Luxaflex Duette Blinds structure has given way to another appealing function – sound reduction. Sound energy is absorbed within the cell, dulling noise and reducing external sounds by 45%.

If you happen to be a minimalist or enjoy large open spaces, Duette blinds also assist with the acoustic quality of a room and reduce any echoing in areas where there are no soft furnishings or carpeting.

Luxaflex Honeycomb Structure

Operating Systems:

One of the most impressive features of this blind, (as if it could be any more impressive), is the variety of operating solutions. You can open a Duette Blind from the top down and bottom up, tension it to fit directly onto the window or opt for a no cord system whether the blind is operated by a handle and stays in place wherever you open and close it to. 

There are free hanging options where the blind is only fixed at the top, skylight window options where the blind is fixed at the top and bottom and different motorisation options such as battery, plug point and solar pack motorisation.

Top Down Bottom Up

Shapes and Skylights:

Custom made Duette shades are precision crafted to fit a range of odd shaped windows, skylights or glass conservatory’s. From half moon shaped to triangular windows, Duettes are made to measure and fit perfectly. This is also not necessarily a fixed blind option. Depending on the window and sizing, some of the shaped Duette blinds options can open and close as well.

Conservatory Duette Blinds

Block Out:

Luxaflex Duette block out blinds have a foil lining inside the honeycomb pocket. This ensures no light is filtered through the fabric. Duette blinds are considered one of the most block out blind options because the fabric reaches almost the exact width as the top and bottom rail the fabric is attached to.

This ensures that when multiple blinds are installed next to one another, the gaps where they meet are minimal as well as the gap where the blind meets the wall.

For skylights or tensioned Duettes, there is an option for aluminium side channels that further reduce light seeping through the gaps on the sides of the blinds.

Day and Night Duette Blinds

With the above points in mind and considering that windows take up at least 10% of a homes insulated shell, it may be a good thing to ensure that your windows coverings are functioning in a way that adds to the comfort of your home and not just the appearance of it.