5 Flooring qualities to consider when choosing a floor:

As the foundation of a home, flooring can completely transform a space and lend itself to a certain style. Rough textured looking timber floors give a rustic farmhouse feel whilst a concrete looking tile may lean more towards industrial or modern contemporary design. 

The flooring you pick may be the focal point of the design of your home or naturally blend into the environment. Either way, it is an important choice as it sets the tone for the rest of your home.

Below is a list of qualities to consider when choosing your ideal floor.

Wear and Tear:

Do you have a multitude of four-legged fur kids that run your home? If they are running about inside, you will need a floor that does not easily scratch and that can take a beating. Pet hair and dander tends to stick to carpeting, not to mention its similarity to grass in your pets’ eyes and the need to mark their territory all over the bedroom floor. A sturdy tile covered by loose rugs in the bedrooms may be the best suited for a pet friendly home.

Some laminates offer different wear layers which can give you an idea of what brand is more suited to a high traffic environment, whilst vinyl offerings make it easy to replace a damaged plank without needing to lift the entire floor.


Floor Sound:

Though this may seem like an unusual consideration, it is one to investigate. There is nothing like looking into the abyss of a perfect wooden floor with knots, grain, and texture in all the right places until you begin to walk on it, and it… Squeeaakssss.

Now although this probably has nothing to do with the beautiful flooring you have chosen and everything to do with the prepping of the sub floor before hand and the installation quality. Ensuring that the correct steps are taken in preparing the space before laying a floor makes all the difference and is vitally important in the finished product. Proper professional installation and a solid sub floor can eliminate a squeaky floorboard that is experienced due to seasonal changes and humidity.

Popping and creaking can be due to an uneven floor surface where floor joints are under pressure and bend and crack when walked on. Screeding a floor prior to installation can ensure this does not happen by creating a smooth even solid surface to lay the flooring on.

Hollow sounding floors are due to the incorrect underlay being used when laying down laminates. A thin foam layer that is mildew and moisture resistant is best for floating floor options. 

Pre Plan and ensure the right steps are taken when prepping your floors so that you never have to experience acoustic issues with your flooring.

Rigid Vinyl


Cool concrete vs warm wood. How a floor feels both under foot and in its environment may make or break your decision to go a certain route. Screed in areas such as the kitchen and lounge with loose carpets add warmth but going with lush wall to wall carpeting in the bedroom might provide the warmth where it is needed most during the cold winter months.

Hardwood flooring is still the floor that will stay the warmest in well-insulated homes, but if you opt for tiles and cringe at the thought of touching them with your barefoot in winter, you can install underfloor heating or lay loose rugs in areas you are most likely to walk barefoot.

Waterproof Flooring:

When you are wanting to run one type of flooring throughout your home, you may need to consider a waterproof option for moisture-rich areas such as kitchens, laundry, and bathrooms. Although tiles may be your first choice, there is now a multitude of flooring brands selling SPC, Vinyl, and Waterproof laminates.

Waterproof Impressive Laminate Flooring


Hardwood Flooring can be maintained, sanded down and revarnished when it is looking worn down. However, some engineered wood flooring cannot be sanded down due to the top solid wood veneer being too thin. In cases like these, if you replaced one damaged plank, you would notice it as hardwoods age and their coloring and shading changes.

Laminates and tiles require very little maintenance making them the hassle-free route. When they are looking a bit dated or old, they will need a complete replacement.